Intermediate Rumble Group Class

Suitable for practitioners with previous experience in Krav Maga or martial arts who are ready to further challenge themselves and expand their limits. If you have already practiced combat sports and you are ready to make a change and learn realistic self-defense skills or you are looking to cross train the learn defences against knives, baseball bats and guns this is the class for you!

Refine your existing knowledge.

Improve your self-defense skills.

Build on your previous experience.

Learn advanced techniques.

your trainer

Ladislav Sedlak

With 15 years of combined experience in Krav Maga and various combat sport disciplines, he is a dedicated instructor who offers you in-depth knowledge and professional coaching to boost your development.

  • n/a
  • 80 kg
  • 185 cm
  • Civil, Combat & Fighting, Close-quarter Battle Instructor

Training Times(2)

  • Monday

    18.30 - 19.45

    (full protective equipment is compulsory!)

  • Wednesday

    18.30 - 19.45

    (full protective equipment is compulsory!)