Kids Classes

Suitable for kids aged 5-18. The Krav Junior program is focused on awareness, prevention, deescalation and defense to empower kids to be safe and to be able to protect themselves in conflicts or dangerous situations. It also prepares them physically and mentally to help to deal with confrontation and helps to build their confidence.
Our clients include some of the top English speaking private schools in Prague.

Get in shape

Learn to defend against common attacks

Get acquainted with the dynamics of fighting

Develop resistance

your trainer

Miklos โ€œMikeโ€ Handa

With 10 years of combined experience in Krav Maga and various combat sport disciplines, he is a committed instructor with a keen focus on expanding your limits and preparing you for real life situations.

  • 35
  • 188 LBS
  • 6' 2``
  • Civil, Kids Krav Maga Instructor