If you want to learn how to prevent a conflict situation, avoid injuries, how to protect family members or friends and know how to survive you should join! It is not only a self-defence training but you will train your body and your mind to be ready in any situation. This class is limited to 18 students only.

Learn how to effectively prevent and avoid conflicts.

Learn self-defense and survival skills.

Train your body and mind.

Release stress and get fit.

your trainer

David Sรกblรญk

With a combined 7 years of experience in Krav Maga and Capoeira as well as being a swimming instructor he is a dedicated sportsman.
His motto is “Everyone should know how to defend themtselves” which is also reflected in his classes.

  • 36
  • 75 kg
  • 175 cm
  • Civil, Kids Krav Maga Instructor

Training Times(1)

  • Wednesday

    17.45 - 18.45

    This class is limited to 18 students only.